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Personality Assessments

NERIS 16 Personality Type Test

Values Exploration Exercises

Attachment Style Questionnaire

Resources for Self-Knowledge & Motivation

Checklist: Finding Your True Purpose


Checklist: 10 Steps for Changing Your Life


Complete Guide to Using the Law of Attraction


How to Believe in Yourself & Change Your Life

Article: Finding Your Purpose


"Do you Know Your Why? 4 Questions to Find Your Purpose"

The Practical Stoic with Donald Robertson
A good place to start. This article contains a description of stoicism, discussions on philosophy and thought, links to videos, podcasts, social media and other resources. 

Article: How Stoicism Combines Philosophy with Practical Psychology

Brené Emotions, Values & Strengths
Best-selling author and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown has a number of great books, podcasts, talks and free exercises on her website. Her new book "Atlas of the Heart" uses the most current research to explains each emotion, giving us a user-friendly way to better manage the difficult ones and have healthy relationships with the good ones. She also has some exercises for clarifying values, among many other topics.

The Benefits of Not Being a Jerk to Yourself

Journalist, author and happiness researcher Dan Harris (creator of the book and podcast series "Ten Percent Happier") presents his debut TED talk at Vancouver, BC. 

Meditation & Spirituality is a free library of recorded audio meditations and Dharma (Bhuddism) talks. Search thousands of free talks and meditations by subject or teacher; stream or download free. 

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