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Dr Indermaur's approach to treatment is guided by compassion and pragmatism. The approach is gentle and respectful. The starting point is a full appreciation of the dilemmas and challenges facing individuals or couples. This approach is largely successful as it works on a strengths based approach. This means building on existing or potential strengths rather than eliminating weaknesses.

David Indermaur is now available in Nedlands seeing individuals and couples with a range of life challenges. Dr David Indermaur is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Qualifications: PhD, M.Psych (Clinical), BSc (hons) Affiliations: Australian Psychological Society, Australian Clinical Psychology Association, Medicare provider of Clinical Psychology services.


Medicare rebates can be claimed when referred by a medical practitioner. Rebates are also available from private health funds depending on the level of cover. 


Ultimately the purpose of treatment is to provide help in which ever way it works for the client. It is the work of the therapist to help find ways that work. Dr Indermaur likes to see this as a collaborative effort with the client. Dr Indermaur's approach draws on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This very practical approach focuses much on mindfulness and acceptance.


This often means facing into difficulties rather than avoiding them. In a nutshell it embodies the serenity axiom - one needs courage to change, serenity to accept and a keen mind to know what needs changing and what needs accepting.

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